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Max Potential Supply {{result_list[0]}} FNX
Total Supply Minted (Including the burnt) {{result_list[1]}} FNX
Operational Reserves {{result_list[3]}} FNX
Team and Founding Investors {{result_list[4]}} FNX
Variable Issuance Pool {{result_list[5]}} FNX
Institutional Investors {{result_list[6]}} FNX
Burnt {{result_list[7]}} FNX
Converted FNX {{result_list[2]}} FNX
Circulation {{(result_list[1] - result_list[3]- result_list[4]- result_list[5]- result_list[6]- result_list[7]).toFixed(2)}} FNX

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  • FNX in exchange account
Circulating Amount of FNX: 29,767,639.73 Amount of converted FNX: 12,014,970.27